Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Today, my son Charlie turns 5-years-old! Where has the time gone? All I can say, is that I am beyond proud of this beautiful child. What a transformation you've made, baby boy! 

This year, for Charlie's birthday, we've purchased a handicapped accessible van to better deal with Charlie's Cerebral Palsy and hemiplegia. If you'd like to contribute, check out our crowd funding campaign! Please watch the video below and check out all of the details HERE.


Visit our Go Fund Me site to donate and share our story on social media.
For more information about Charlie, visit HelpCharlieHeal.com.


Full disclosure: Go Fund Me takes 8% off the top of your donations, 
while Paypal only takes 3% in fees. Charlie's Paypal donation button is below
if you prefer that to Go Fund Me.

Thank you for all your love and support!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Statera Conference, Here I Come!

As most of you know, I'm the Creative Director for a non-profit called Statera Foundation. We're an organization dedicated to serving women in the theatre. This weekend, I'll be at our inaugural conference in Cedar City, Utah, where I'll be speaking from my heart and connecting with other artists in the theatre. This is a much needed break for me - a working break, but a break none-the-less.

What will I be doing?  In addition to organizing the event, I'm one of the break-out session facilitators. Here's a little about my talk:

"Mother as Creator and the Art of Vulnerability". Parenthood is an unwieldy adventure. Balancing a professional artistic practice while in the throes of parenthood is even more daunting. Time, availability and energy undergo a marked change when children become part of our daily lives and this can leave us feeling defeated, vulnerable and isolated from professional opportunities. In this workshop and discussion, Sarah Greenman talks about how to navigate these changes and greet the windfalls, vulnerabilities and surprise events of parenthood with expectant openness. She'll share tools to tap your inner muse and create art in the midst of chaos that nourishes your career, unifies your gifts, maintains your professional momentum and endows your work with gravitas. Come ready to write, talk, listen and laugh.

And here's the mission of the Statera Foundation:

Statera Foundation, deriving its name from the Latin word for balance, endeavors to serve women in the theatre by expanding employment options, improving salary, and removing barriers to growth and achievement through mentorship, internship, research, outreach, networking, and support to empower them to reach their full potential by bridging the gap between passion, preparation, and opportunity.

Wish me luck!
And if you're interested in contributing to our work, please donate HERE.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bunking Up

Well, it's happened. Charlie has definitely outgrown his crib. It's time to move on. Since my boys share a room, we're looking into bunk beds. I love the twin over full size bunks. Charlie is a big kid and we need to be able to get in bed with him for changing clothes, diapers and getting into his leg and arm braces. So I'm leaning towards something like you see in the bottom two photos.



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sculptor Michelle Gregor

Have you seen the work of San Francisco Bay Area artist, Michelle Gregor
No? Well, here's a little taste...

I absolutely LOVE her work. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

In the Studio | Do Small Things With Great Love

I wanted to share a commission with you. A friend of mine has recently undergone more than her share of hardship and loss. She is a beacon of light for so many people and now she is hurting and in need of support. I wish I could do more for her and her beautiful children. But sometimes, all you can do is make art. 

My friend's mother past away at the beginning of 2015. Her mother did small things with great love and taught me so much about the little details of day-to-day loving. I usually don't create artwork with a phrase or saying at the center, but for these two precious woman, it seemed appropriate. I thought I'd share it with you. 

"Gail"  -  20 x 20 inch acrylic on canvas

Get a print for yourself HERE.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Peace Please

Every once in a while something blind sides you and rocks you to your core. This usually happens only once in a long while. But this year, its been one after another after another for me. This year, I have had so many things taken away from me. I'm not talking about poor planning on my part or a misuse of time and energy. I'm talking about the universe sweeping its big impartial hand across my table and snatching up the silverware, and then the plates, and then the glasses until I'm left sitting at an empty table. Many people, dear to me, are dead. Many people, dear to me, are dying. Many people, dear to me, have removed themselves from my messy life because it's hard to be with a person in turmoil.

I understand all of this as part of life's growth patterns - all rings in the tree trunk. But my old and practiced ways of moving through the world, and surviving it's blows, seem suddenly inadequate and even dated. My stomach is in knots. My tears are spent. And even those in close proximity to me are questioning my motives and my methods. This has been happening all year long. While I'm not hopeless, certainly, I am cautious. Caution - not usually something I employ. I feel shamed for allowing myself to be emotional and obvious. And I feel stupid for trying to share my life. I don't know what to do anymore except stand in one place, mind my children and make a peaceful nest.

I'm ready for this year of hurting to end.