Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Squam Art Fair

Hello dear readers. Thank you for all of the kind notes of condolence following the news of my brother's death. It has been an incredibly difficult week to say the least.

Prior to my brother's passing, my mother and I planned a retreat for this coming week at the Squam Arts Workshops in New Hampshire. While our initial instinct upon hearing the news of my brother's death was to cancel our trip, we thought better of it and have decided to go. We need a quiet, beautiful place to honor my brother, attend to our grieving hearts and begin to heal. What better place to do this than deep in the woods of New Hampshire on the shore of a cool blue lake making art? Once again, art comes to my rescue.

Photo by Elizabeth Duvivier

This art retreat culminates in a marvelous and magical art fair on Saturday evening, September 13th from 7:30 - 10pm. This is a time when crafters, artists, silversmiths, stitchers, sewers and knitters can congregate and sell their wares. You can find a comprehensive list of vendors HERE. My mama and I will have a table at the fair. She'll be selling her one-of-a-kind bolo style necklaces and I'll be selling prints of my artwork. If you are in the Boston, MA or Holderness, NH areas we'd love to see you! More information HERE.

Squam Art Fair
Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 from 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Rockywold Deephaven Camps
18 Bacon Road
Holderness, New Hampshire


Of course, I'll have lots of photos and thoughts when I return!
Until then, hold each other close.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


My brother
my fellow traveller 
the calendar of my nativity
my constant
my one
my darling Joel
has died.

I don't yet know why or how.
But I know he's gone.

I'll be gone from the blog for a while.
Until then, hold your dear ones close to your heart.

Say "I love you" to the ones you love, 
just as my brother did every day of his life.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Headed Home

Yesterday, my little family of four departed Cedar City, Utah. We've been away from our home state since April 30th, which seems a lifetime ago. We're on the road today and part of the day tomorrow. We're doing something wonderful. We're headed home.

But before we arrive at our beloved house in Dallas, we'll be speeding through the vast and beautiful and sometimes barren desert landscapes of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The road is rolling by under our wheels as we listen to our favorite music and consume subpar travel food. We're tired, grateful and happy to be returning to life in Texas. See you when we get home!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Closing Night at the Utah Shakespeare Festival

Last night saw the closing performance of "Sense and Sensibility". It was a tearful goodbye. I have absolutely loved every one of our 36 performances and could happily continue doing this show forever.

Today is also my final matinee for "Into the Woods". The summer season at the Utah Shakespeare Festival is over today and most of the actors will return home to Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Washington DC, Dallas and beyond. The plays were marvelous, but the thing I will miss most is the spectacular company of actors and technicians. Never again will this wonderful group of people be reconstituted. I have nothing but love, gratitude and appreciation for the summer I'm leaving behind.

Here are some of my back stage snapshots as 
Lady Middleton from "Sense and Sensibility".

And here are some snapshots from my time as 
Granny (and the Giant and Cinderella's Mother) in "Into the Woods".

I will miss these two ladies.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Patterns and Prints in the Bathroom

My bathroom is a serene blue and gray space with minimal pattern. It's a soothing place and I love the indigo color scheme. But sometimes I dream about putting a bold tile in the bath area or hanging a brightly patterned wallpaper. Here are some bathroom interiors that inspire my imagination:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One Thing at a Time

This week might very well be one of the craziest weeks of the year. In addition to the eight shows I'm performing at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, I am also in a reading of a new play and a midnight Cabaret. I have two auditions, two children to look after, seven of my favorite friends in town to see my shows, an entire house to pack and evacuate by Sunday morning followed by a two-day journey in the car with small children home to Dallas. My mantra for the week is "one thing at a time". When things get hectic, I'll just meditate on this lovely photo. Doesn't it look like a happy place reserved for a woman in repose?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Missing Friends

Today, I'm missing friends from home. I'm in the final stretch here at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and my energies are now shifting towards packing up my little family and preparing for our departure. But when I let my mind move towards Dallas, I mostly think of good friends whom I have dearly missed. Perhaps a little dinner gathering is in order - just a way to reconnect and hug on my dearly missed loved ones.