Friday, October 31, 2014

Suzan Davidson Designs

Happy Halloween, dear readers! Last spring, I was contacted by DFW area designer Suzan Davidson, looking for someone to take interior photos of her work in hopes of creating a visual portfolio for her new website.

I've written 75 home tour articles for and have 7,000 plus edited interior photos sitting in my Houzz file. However I hadn't thought of documenting a designer's body of work until a friend referred me to Suzan. I love when other people help you to see what you're capable of! Thank you friends.

It was truly an honor to go home to home with Suzan, peeking into the beautiful homes she has designed and curated. Her new website is now live and I'm so excited to share one of the interiors I photographed.

One of my favorite color stories in the many houses I visited was this open concept living, dinning and kitchen space. The details here are lush and elegant with an unexpected sense of play. And what better hues for Halloween than orange and purple?

There are lots of spaces to ooh and awe at on her new website, I'll keep you posted because I'll be featuring some of her homes for in the coming months! Thanks for reading and enjoy a safe Halloween and weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coop Foundation

After lots of sod cutting and dig dig digging, I have completed the coop foundation. My part in this coop building project was labor intensive, but easy: create a predator proof and level foundation on which to build. Check.

The next part of the process will go pretty quickly. My partner in crime, James Curvan - a marvelous architect and builder here in Dallas, has been building my coop and chicken pen off site. Today, he's arriving to install the coop in sections. He and I will spend the next three days piecing the coop together and finessing the details. It's just like Christmas!

And the coop is going in just at the right time. The hens are 6 weeks old today. They are almost fully feathered and do not resemble chicks any longer. They're ready to move out of the nursery into their big-girl room.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Future Fall Garden Projects

The coop is being installed this weekend, as are two 50 gallon rain barrels. Once the chickens are bedded down and tucked in, I'll be able to start work on a few other garden projects I've been putting off. I'd like to complete them this fall so that when spring comes around, I'm ready to seed and plant.

I have four pending projects. I'd like to build a second 4' x 8' raised bed, lay a stone path between the beds, construct a cold frame for seedlings and build two obelisks for the center of each raised bed. I'm using the photos below for inspiration.

I know it seems like a lot to complete before winter sets in, but Texas has a long warm season that lasts well into November, so I'm hopeful that it will all be completed! 

What fall garden projects are you trying to complete?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Review | Modern Country

Jacqui Small Publishing has a new coffee table book on the shelves called Modern Country – Inspiring interiors for contemporary living, written and compiled by journalist Caroline Clifton-Mogg. This beautiful collection of photos highlights a new shift in our collective idea about what "country" entails.

Caroline examines a mix of contemporary country styles in four chapters: Architectural Styles, Materials and Finishes, Country Locations and Country Living. The book is filled with lush images from the French interiors publication Côté Sud, Côté Est and Côté Ouest. The edgy and often raw country style showcased here is enormously inspiring. I think Modern Country might be my new favorite design book.

Tiffany Gant-Riley from Curate & Display did a video review for her readers.
It is so gorgeous, I had to repost here. Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Radical Homemaking | Fall Garden Report

It's Monday! Time for the weekly installment on my Radical Homemaking efforts. Want to learn more about what that means, check out THIS post and THIS post. 

Here in Texas, we have a very long growing season. Today, our high is 85 degrees. Crazy, I know, but it does allow for some lovely late fall crops. I'm on my second round of tomatoes and this month we've been enjoying fresh herbs (Basil, Sage, Lavender, Basil), green leaf lettuces, Arugula (thanks to a neighbor who planted it this summer), and Swiss Chard.

Today and tomorrow, I'll be out in my garden digging the base for our coop, which will be installed and built this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. The ladies are 6 weeks old this Thursday and I need them OUT of my converted garage. They're huge and no matter how clean their brooder, chicken poop inside your home is no fun. To be clear, they didn't start smelling until this week. However, I'll do a little happy dance when they move outside this weekend!

Here are some morning snap shots of my garden. 
What do you like to plant in your fall garden?

Friday, October 24, 2014

My Art Featured in Spirituality & Health Magazine

Yesterday I received two copies of the newest issue of Spirituality & Health Magazine. My artwork, entitled "Leap", is featured on page 80 as part of an article about solitude and loneliness. One of my goals this year was to submit my work for print opportunities, but this one just landed in my lap! I'm so grateful to be included in this beautiful issue. Find it on your local news stand this coming week!

Interested in owning some of my artwork? Visit my SHOP.

Thursday, October 23, 2014